About us

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The company develops games and toys for learning languages.

  • Our toy products include card and board games, play sets and models intended for boys and girls of various age groups.
  • We consider games to be a faster and more effective method for mastering any language and facilitating the learning process.
  • Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced professionals - artists, designers, painters, editors, teachers and psychologists - with whom we have long-established working relationships. They are helping us to create completely new and innovative methodologies appropriate to children's ages and stages of psychological and mental development.

What we offer

We have a portfolio of more than 30 games, a number of which have already been tested with great success in Russia. We offer long-term cooperation and dialogue.
Our creative and developmental process addressed the major needs of children, along with the requirements of parents and schools that will be among potential customers for the games. (...)

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How our games differ from existing products on the market

Our games are both educational and stimulating to the intellect. Not only do they address the technicalities of language learning - strengthening grammar, enlarging active vocabulary, etc. - they also encourage thought, analysis, communication, argument and assertion of individual points of view. (...)

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About our company logo

For the ancients, snails were one the world's most mysterious and interesting creatures because so little was known at the time about their lifecycles and habits. (...)

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Our brainware

The team at Snail GmbH includes highly qualified and experienced professionals: teachers, editors, designers, painters, programmers, psychologists, journalists. (...)

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