For retailers

Are the samples available for testing?

The product samples are available for testing.

After testing the samples, please feel free to send us any suggestions concerning the material of the game, its components, and packaging.

We will take all the things you suggest into consideration and will try to satisfy your wants and needs.

Before sending them to you, we will ask you kindly to sign a simple non-disclosure agreement.

It is a measure required by our legal department, in order to guarantee that no copies or prototypes are made.

Can our products be knocked off?

As for the security of the product, the company holds the rights to the games.

The strategy of protection of games and its unique features was developed by the specialist of a well-known Swiss law firm, Lenz und Staehelin.

One of the spheres of the company is the protecting of intellectual property and finding the most effective ways to prevent stealing, i.e., making unauthorized copies or prototypes of the invented things.

That is why a special method was developed to protect the intellectual content of each game.

In addition, we have trademark protection for two games in Switzerland.

They are the “Mirror” and the “Steps”.

Theoretically no one is protected fully, but we can guarantee that we have done almost everything to be on the safe side and to give no opportunity to steal the original content and its details.

It is important to mention that the main strategy of the company is to be honest,

trustworthy and reliable and to do everything possible so that people will be happy to work with us.

The people who are sharing this idea are more than welcome to become our

partners and friends.

How is your product packed to sell?

They are placed into the bottom of the box.

The box is closed afterwards.

Each box is shrink-wrap.

Then the games are packed by 12 in a 2.2 shipping box.

Then they are placed on a euro pallet and each pallet is shrink-wrapped.

We can suggest many alternatives for doing it another way.

All questions may be discussed so we can come to the most favourable solution.

The factors that influence if we will ship free freight to the retailer

The factors that influence whether we will ship free freight to the retailer's warehouse are:

What volume are you going to order from us?

Can we assume a long-term relationship?

Are you willing to buy on a constant basis a large number of our products?

How often do you intend to buy our products?

How big is your company? Is it one school/shop or a chain of schools/shops?

What distance are you situated from our factory?

At what price are you going to buy the products?

What kind of transport will we need for transporting the products to you?

How many stops will we need to make on the way?

How long have we been working together?

These are the questions which will determine whether we can provide free shipping to you.

The minimum order requirement

The minimum order requirement can vary from 10-50 pieces.

The questions we will first take into consideration are:

How far are you situated from us?

Where are you situated?

How far you are from the place of production?

Will it be easy to deliver the products to you?

Is there going to be future cooperation between us?

How quickly do you expect delivery of the games from us?

How quickly do you expect the production of this amount?

What kind of company are you? (a chain of shops/schools or just one, budget, size of the company, potential)

Other questions will arise, which we can talk over during negotiations between us, so that we can come to a solution favourable to both of us.

What are our lead times to produce?

The lead times of producing and shipping the product can vary from 2monthes to 4 months.

The time required for this process depends on many things:

- How fast we will agree with all the details concerning the terms you need to deliver

-What quantity is required by you?

- What are the conditions under which you can return the games to us?

-How soon we sign all the necessary documentation with you and receive your payment?

-This is a rough list of questions that we need to clarify and which will influence the time required to produce and ship the products.

The target customers for our product are:


The games bring the members of the family together, unite them, and entertain them, since they are funny and exciting.

Parents of the kids

The games permit learning easily and without boredom the key elements of Grammar and Lexis and serve as a subsidiary aid in the process of learning any foreign language. Instead of spending hours only on books and dictionaries, the games give an opportunity to learn while playing.

As a result, children enjoy the process of learning, manage to do everything on their own, become more independent and self-confident, and start to speak and communicate faster and grasp the material better and without strenuous effort.


The games help to make the process of learning more interesting, help to change the activities on the lesson and not to get stuck for a long time on one topic.

Teachers discover a new approach which is unusual, versatile and rewarding.

Instead of spending hours on explaining new material, they can play once and everything is clear and understandable.

It helps to simplify the process of learning, makes it unforgettable and pleasant.

Benefits of the product

Our products have a lot of benefits.

First of all, they are fun. They are not merely games for learning; they allow children to enjoy the process, to forget that they are learning.

They are aimed at making people smile and laugh, raising their spirits.

Most educational games unfortunately do not contain this useful element, and thus, playing them is not as interesting.

Secondly, they contain the most difficult topics in Grammar and Lexis, the foundation for learning any foreign language.

Thirdly, they foster moral values. They teach children how to be kind, tolerant, how to expand their mind and look at the world from all sides.

They encourage children to discover new things and help them to form their own point of view on things.

Why our products must be on shelves

Our products are completely different from all the other existing on the market:

- They will vary your circle of products, bringing a fresh element to your shelves

-Will attract many new customers, as they simplify the learning process and make it more fun.

- They are applicable both for children and grownups, so it can unite them more

-The games combine 2 important things: they are educational and fun. Children forget about learning when they play at them as it brings them joy

-They give a chance almost everyone with different ability to master foreign language without boredom.

-They provide quick results within a short period of time and give good motivation to proceed more.

-They have colorful unusual design appealing to children’s hearts and minds.

-The games develop kindness, tolerance and understanding