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Our games differ from similar products on the market in three main ways:

* They cater separately to specific age groups, and encompass all the grammar and lexis which can be expected from children at a given stage of mental and physical development.

* They foster broader intellect and sensibilities in parallel with the main educational thrust.

* They focus on elements of language that absolutely must be grasped before there can be any further learning progress.

We believe that such clear segmentation by age group is a novel help to parents and teachers in selecting optimal games for the children in their charge. The games have already been tested with great success at educational institutions in Russia and elsewhere. The results attested to their effectiveness with children of all backgrounds and abilities/attitudes to learning – even the really ‘difficult’ cases.

The key success factors here are: simple rules, easy handling, and accessibility across a broad spectrum of audiences. In addition, the mix-and-match design concept makes every game more valuable than the sum of its component parts. Thus, each game contains at least two interchangeable subsets of elements for extra scope and variety in play.

We offer multiple variants of packaging look and feel, playing field and card designs, etc. that you can combine for optimum impact in your market(s). In any case, their colourful design and attention-grabbing details (magic coins, etc.) have built-in appeal that gets children even more involved with the game.

How do these games stand to benefit your business?

* You can expect more, and more varied customers. Foreign language learning is on the rise and these products will draw interest from parents, early and pre-teens alike.

* There is revenue in launching distinctive new entrants in the educational games arena – with the unique selling proposition that they additionally stimulate intellectual and character development, as well as encouraging thought, analysis, and individual points of view.

* You diversify your retail offering with a range that is without competition at present. These are games originally devised by working teachers: the people best-placed to know what points of language learning are most difficult in practice, and the style of emphasis needed to put them across effectively. Learning fast generates encouragement to learn more – and word of that enthusiasm is sure to translate into further sales.

For our part, we are in this for the long term. Do business with us and you can look forward to a steady stream of new games in future – our range will definitely not be standing still!