For Social and Educational Organizations

Snail Gmbh is a company which develops games and toys for learning languages.

The main mission of the company is to develop educational games, and through them to give equal chances to all kids with different abilities and skills (including mentally-challenged children) to use and learn any language in a playful, interesting way.

This idea came to us because we support and actively take part in the youth organisation "Spring", which helps children and grown ups who are mentally–challenged .


We do care about problems of children in the world who have some psychological problems, some difficulties in communication, cannot learn like others and cannot master a language at the same pace or in the same way as others.

That is why we have worked out an innovative approach for getting everybody to speak and think in a foreign language faster and with more results over a short period of time.

The key success factors here are: simple rules, easy handling, and accessibility for a broad range of audiences.

As we are sure and our testing in schools has shown that the games can contribute to the educational process and are a useful aid for disabled kids to learn a foreign language and have more chances in life.

While supporting us, you are contributing to solving two problems.

First of all, you help all the kids and especially help the disabled to integrate into society and give them too a chance to learn and be educated.

Secondly, you contribute to solving the problem of unemployment of youth because we try to employ mostly promising young people: designers, psychologists, teachers, and give them an opportunity to earn money and to express themselves and to reveal all their potential.

Thirdly, most of the games are oriented toward raising moral values and teaching kids to be kind, tolerant and noble, helping them to raise their self-esteem and be independent.