How our games differ from existing products on the market

Our games are both educational and stimulating to the intellect. Not only do they address the technicalities of language learning - strengthening grammar, enlarging active vocabulary, etc. - they also encourage thought, analysis, communication, argument and assertion of individual points of view. So in addition to the language teaching aspect, playing these games helps to develop children's confidence and self-esteem in group situations.

Each game is structured and tuned to match the capabilities of a particular age group. The scope of grammar, lexis and phonetics is always commensurate with a given level of mental and psychological development. This is one reason why the games are so effective: younger children who play the elementary games have started communicating in English, while the more advanced games have helped older children to attain the level of linguistic competence necessary for entrance to international schools.

Attractive, different, naturalistic, colorful - the visual design of the packaging, cards and other components appeals to children. They respond well to the traditional style of illustration, which is highly effective at encouraging imagination and creativity.

The games' visual distinctiveness gives them recognition value in the market for language learning games.