How the project was developed?

The project started many years ago in the process of teaching kids of different age groups.

Here we are faced with the problem of explaining in a suitable way the most difficult themes in grammar so that they will understand everything without boredom.

Most of the kids are disobedient and fidgety (they cannot sit still for even 60 seconds); they can't concentrate for long, sit for two hours or remember anything quickly.

Especially it concerns little children from 5 to 8 years old.

They get tired faster and get bored faster, so you always need to change activities in the process of learning, to invent something new for them.

That is why we tried to find games to interest both small and big kids, that would include the most important concepts of the language, games that would impart learning in an entertaining way; for example, the tenses, the difference between them, irregular verbs, etc.

After doing research on the existing toys on the market, we came to the conclusion that there is nothing that would be really helpful simultaneously for both small and big kids, that would for both groups foster mastering the language in a fun and exciting way.

So, we took this as our task and devised new, innovative games aimed at different age groups.

We were thinking for quite a long time about how to make the games attractive to kids, to make them enjoy learning and at the same time to impart to them profound knowledge and information.

So we decided to combine intellect and fun.