Elements of the game

  • Sets of cards depicting various fairy-tale characters
  • A 'magic coin' with different colours on the front and reverse.

Aims of the game


To develop rhetorical skills as well as forming personal opinions and defending them in a non-combative way -two highly important assets in life. The focus is on analysis and distinguishing good from bad. The game also teaches avoidance of blinkered perceptions of the world and its peoples, open-mindedness, and readiness to accept criticism from others.


This game helps with understanding the verb 'to be' and reinforcing that knowledge. It develops sentence-building skills using various pronouns (I - you - he - she - we - they - it), and distinction between singular and plural. It simultaneously enlarges the players' vocabulary of adjectives and nouns.

Children learn to:

  • Describe various characters and their typical traits
  • Express opinions and value judgements about them

Results/Teaching outcome


  • Greater confidence and independence of thought; considering people from more than one viewpoint
  • Getting to know a large cast of fairy-tale characters, which can provide an entry point for reading story-books


  • Development and reinforcement of skills around the verb 'to be', the foundation of so much else in language
  • Vocabulary enlargement with adjectives for describing people, animals and fictional characters
  • Correct use of pronouns; substitution of nouns with pronouns