Our brainware

IMG-20180427-WA0014 The team at Snail GmbH includes highly qualified and experienced professionals: teachers, editors, designers, painters, programmers, psychologists, journalists.

We consider ourselves most fortunate to have people on our team who combine two factors that are highly important to the success and continued prosperity of every business: intelligence, sound education and specialist talent on the one hand; reliability, honesty and decency on the other.

We take pleasure in what we do because it is founded on positive ideas:
Through play, almost any young child is capable of learning and understanding the most difficult points of a foreign language.

Games encourage the educational process for children of all abilities and stages in mental and psychological development. Everyone can learn a language!
Play fosters a sense of community among people with differing interests, cultures and points of view.

As well as the language teaching aspect, our games are designed to broaden young people's intellectual capabilities too. Mental innovation encourages personality development, acquisition of new knowledge and skills, and expanded horizons.

This is all stimulating stuff for us: hard work, yet worthwhile and satisfying.