Possible ways of collaboration

We have several approaches to interacting with partners. Whichever model is most applicable your case, you will be asked to sign an agreement covering non-disclosure, unauthorised copying or manufacturing before we release samples or finished products for your testing and evaluation.

1. Partner acts as manufacturer and distributor

You are granted a license for an agreed time period, say from 1 to 5 years. We are flexible about the timeframe and consider each case individually.

Licenses may apply to just one country, or several. Again, this is a point to be negotiated.

Under such an agreement, you have full manufacturing rights to the games. We supply you with all of the designs and artwork for the game(s) you choose, including several packaging variants, cards, chips and other sundries. You are free to alter them to your taste, or even to change the name of the game.

In commercial matters, we will request an up-front payment plus an agreed percentage of sales revenue. The up-front payment is to offset our own development costs: much work by editors, teachers, designers and psychologists has gone into these designs. A breakdown of the expenses is available, if necessary.

2. Partner acts as distributor only

As above, you are granted a license for an agreed time period, valid for one or more countries.

We perform the manufacturing ourselves and supply the quantity you desire. Pricing depends on order size.

Before manufacturing starts, we will need to agree precise details about your expectations of the product(s): colouring, texture, thickness and durability of materials, manufacturability, safety considerations, quantities, etc.

We will request at least partial advance payment to cover our manufacturing costs and assure commitment between the parties.

3. Partner operates one or more retail outlets

We like to cooperate directly with retailers, too, especially if they run shops in more than one country.

Again, we are responsible for manufacturing and so precise details will need to be mutually agreed beforehand (see above). We will also require information from you about national standards applicable in the country/countries concerned.

Retail pricing of the games will be a further topic of negotiation, along with details of full or partial advance payment to cover manufacturing costs. (Manufacturing has not yet started and firm prices have yet to be fixed, but this is on the way to resolution in the very near future.)

4. Partner acts as sole distributor

In this model, we first agree on a commercial price for the product(s). Then we conclude an agreement granting you distribution rights within a defined territory. Further details and various distribution variants are negotiable on a case-by-case basis.