'Spring': making the world a better place



'Spring': making the world a better place

Snail GmbH has a longstanding involvement with charity work through donations to 'Spring', an affiliated organisation primarily dedicated to supporting mentally challenged people and their families.




How we help

'Spring' organises supplies of medicines and dietary supplements, medical equipment, wheelchairs, prosthetics, clothing, sometimes food - whatever will really help.

'Spring' also has an eye on youth: it is vital for young people to have a good career start, to find support for their initiatives and abilities, to demonstrate their true worth. So 'Spring' is keen to bring young people on board as a major force in our team effort. In proving themselves and their capabilities, they are also making a positive contribution to a more caring society - today and in future.

Our principles

'Spring' is non-judgmental and does not blame. We simply do what we can and trust in others to imitate our example. That is our contribution to making peace in the world.

'Spring' believes that each and every one of us has a humanitarian duty to fulfill. Exactly how - perhaps helping the sick, the handicapped, orphans, the aged - is secondary. Action is the main thing. What is more, doing good for others also encourages a personal sense of place in the world. Faithfully follow through on your principles and beliefs, and the rest will happen in its own way.

Our work

Life can put people into some bad situations. For example, we have already helped...

... a ((Moscow)) mother of five small children who found herself without a husband and unable to pay the rent. 'Spring' stepped in with several months' rent money and covered the cost of post-natal care, baby food, plus such practical items as a breast pump and diapers.
... elderly folk alone who cannot afford the medicines, medical and dental care, or surgery they need. 'Spring' has paid for necessary but costly medical treatment, tooth restorations and various surgical procedures.
... people in their prime who have been laid low by illness: 'Spring' helps this suddenly vulnerable group to overcome traumas such as major surgery and post-operative treatment, and the side-effects of chemotherapy.

We care about others because there is no way of telling what life will bring. Nothing, in fact, is guaranteed and nobody, however self-reliant, can say with certainty that they will never need the kind of attention and assistance that we provide.

How you can help

Simply by cooperating and doing business with Snail GmbH, you are also making an active contribution to charitable work. So you can do good in the world by helping us to help our fellows who are suffering and in need. Reduce that suffering, address those needs, and many people in difficulty today will be able to find their way in life once more.
We believe in what we do.