The keys to success

Our primary mission is to develop and market educational games for learning foreign languages. It is a fact that children tend to have difficulties grasping key elements of grammar, lexis and phonetics. The games were originally created by highly experienced teachers working with children of all age groups. These education professionals are ideally positioned to appraise the advantages and shortcomings of various teaching methods, and to be aware of what genuinely helps with the basic process of learning any language.

Our games were created to address existing shortcomings and fill the gaps. They meet the needs of teachers, parents and children alike. The games have been tested and shown to work with even with groups of 'difficult' children. The key success factors here are simple rules, easy handling, and accessibility for a broad range of audiences.

When it comes to the most difficult points of language, our approach bypasses lengthy explanations and tedious exercises. Instead, precious time and energy can be spent another way: with playful learning that children will universally enjoy.

Thus, every gain is packed with content designed to inspire thought, imagination and communicative interaction. While playing, children will enlarge their active vocabularies, gain knowledge on a variety of topics, and quickly grasp the essence underlying difficult points of grammar.