The aim of creating the games

Our main idea for creating the games was to ease the language learning process. We do this by making it simpler to understand the most difficult points, and by adding interest and entertainment that will be appreciated by children with varying abilities, social backgrounds and levels of educational achievement.

We place strong emphasis on the fact that every child is unique, and as such will possess different capacity for learning. The ideal case is quiet, diligent and hard-working; a keen student who enjoys homework and quickly grasps just about anything. Should you ever meet this rarity, please let us know immediately so we can declare him or her a protected species! Real children tend to be disobedient, inattentive, and lively. They have difficulty concentrating for a long time on just one topic- so they cannot be expected to spend hours learning a language through and through, doing exercises, and working hard to achieve results.

We acknowledge this reality, and conceive our games accordingly. They are visually attractive,with colourful and unconventional visual design to attract attention. They get children of a given age group involved, and keep them involved in a highly positive learning experience that is carefully attuned to their needs.