What we offer

We have a portfolio of more than 30 games, a number of which have already been tested with great success in Russia. We offer long-term cooperation and dialogue.
Our creative and developmental process addressed the major needs of children, along with the requirements of parents and schools that will be among potential customers for the games.


The questions we asked ourselves included:

  • What do children need in order to be taught effectively?
  • How appropriately and to what extent are those needs met at present?

We concluded that currently available products do not fully meet those needs, and that there is space in the market for games that will fill the gap.

As partners

We can bring to market something new that will enhance the existing range of offerings while providing distinctive additional features that will open new avenues for educators.

We are keen to further promote and distribute the games in other countries, in our venture to share unique and innovative methodologies that hold potential to contribute to education systems throughout the world. Children everywhere love playing games, and these ones offer a useful and easy approach to learning English through play.

Distinctive features

One distinctive feature of our games is their adaptability to teaching other languages as well. Although initially designed for English, that focus is readily changeable by modifying certain components of the games, such as:

  • Playing fields
  • Cards
  • Models
  • Counters
  • Chips

Their attractive design adds interest and appeal for players and buyers of the games. And for adapting those designs, Snail GmbH has a competent, well-organized team with initiative of its own, plus willingness to accept external input to the process of game production and distribution. We are young, flexible, and fast at generating new creative ideas.