Where is the ball




Elements of the game

  • 14 scene sheets depicting a variety of settings and objects within them
  • 1 ball, for players to roll onto a scene sheet
  • 100 ((?)) chips, for scoring



Aims of the game:


  • Development of mental activity and logic skills, increased attention span, stronger memory
  • Increasing vocabulary for describing place and orientation - useful when asking or describing a route from one point to another
  • Fact-based analysis and discussion
  • Stronger observation of details and visual memory
  • Advancement beyond simple yes/no answers and construct complex, detailed sentences


  • Present tense (interrogative, affirmative and negative forms)
  • Perfect tense (for older/more advanced players)
  • Prepositions and adverbs of position and direction (in, on, under, behind, in front of)
  • Building "There is/are..." sentences
  • Building sentences with various kinds of subordinate clauses ("The children have left the ball to buy some ice cream."; "It is on the flowerbed because someone has lost it."

Skills learned here - an enlarged active vocabulary and knowledge of informal speech patterns - are valuable for overcoming foreign language barriers and feeling linguistically confident in situations likely to be encountered abroad. Making up logical, step-by-step stories encourages free-form communication.

Results/Teaching outcome


  • Development of a child's sense of security and self-confidence
  • Knowing how to describe an unfamiliar location and understand directions, as an aid to keeping one's cool in tricky situations
  • Rational analysis; stronger memory, creativity and imagination