Your Benefits

1. You will be working with a group of young, creative, flexible people: the kind of people who are never short of ideas for dealing with the situations that can arise in a cooperative effort.

2. The people associated with Snail GmbH are thoroughgoing professionals in their fields: design, programming, editing, teaching, psychology, journalism, and advertising. That means we can definitely be of help to your distribution effort. For example, we could...

  •  localise a design to blend with traditions and cultures in the country of distribution;
  •  assist with creation of advertising artwork;
  •  work remotely for you -our specialists will do a good job, in as little time as it takes.

3. We have contacts in many places: UNESCO and elite private schools, chambers of commerce and publishing houses. You can consider them as resources for cost-effective production and promotion.

4. With our basic portfolio of 35 games, there is much work ahead. We're in this for the long term.

5. The games are rather unique and special: educational, captivating, and adaptable to varying age groups. There is nothing like them in Europe right now - the privilege of being first-to-market could be yours!

6. Our games address a wide audience, which translates to large numbers of potential buyers in various segments of the market: individual parents and teachers, as well as institutions like schools and kindergartens.

7. By cooperating with us, you will also be contributing to a better world through our support for 'Spring', a charitable organisation that helps people with mental challenges to integrate socially by contributing towards the therapies, education and occupational activities they need for a worthwhile life.